Institute of Slush Hydrogen

 Cryogenic engineering is one of the leading-edge technologies, and expected to support advanced technologies for hydrogen clean energy system, space exploration, and superconducting power equipment.

 Institute of Slush Hydrogen (ISH) focuses on the research of thermo-fluid phenomena of cryogenic multi-phase flow such as slush flow, boiling flow, and cavitation flow, and on their applications to advanced cryogenic equipment.

 Slush hydrogen contains solid hydrogen particles with the particle size of about 1 mm in liquid hydrogen. It provides an attractive means for energy transportation and storage as functional thermal fluid with superior characteristics due to the high density and latent heat of fusion of the solid particles. In the case of a mass solid fraction of 50 wt.%, slush hydrogen at the temperature of 14 K features a 15% greater density, and an 18% increase in refrigerant heat capacity.

 Institute of Slush Hydrogen has originally proposed

the high-efficiency hydrogen energy system using slush hydrogen

taking advantage of the synergetic effect of simultaneous transportation and storage of hydrogen fuel and electrical power, and been engaged in research and development work to put it to practical use.